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We offer you creative and meaningful ideas to help you develop the concept and message of your video.

Then we see it through from production to post-production and distribution.


Attentive personal service, meticulous planning and attention to details...before, during and after production.


Jeff MacNabb on location in Montreal filming the winter driving academy for Mercedes-Benz

AMG Driving Academy  - Sizzle Reel

Your first step toward creating a quality video project is to contact us.  You will get all of your questions answered by professionals who know what works and what doesn't.  We'll help guide you in the right direction so that you get what you need at a budget that you can afford!



Maverick video Group on-location Filming

MAVERICK VIDEO GROUP is a video production company located near Vancouver, BC.  We specialize in  creating cost-effective and engaging videos for sales, marketing, promotion, training, and live events.  In working with you we offer talent, experience and exceptional customer service.


Ducan Simple Green

Come Learn With Us 

AMG Driving /academy produced by Maverick Video Group

Abbotsford Middle Schools

Jeff MacNabb received his B.Sc. from Guelph University in 1988 and started work in video production in 1989 as a cameraman. He started Maverick in 1993 and is experienced in all aspects of media production.

Jeff has a proven track record of successful projects and video productions that spans 20 plus years. He has experience as a producer, director, director of photography, editor, and project manager. He has worked on projects ranging from corporate events and promotional videos to documentaries, short films and television commercials.